General Conditions

General Conditions

The traveler, upon notice given on a durable medium no later than seven days before the start of the package, may assign the package travel contract to a person who meets all the conditions for the use of the service.

Price increases after the conclusion of the contract are limited to 8% and are allowed only if expressly provided for in the contract and if the possibility of a price reduction in favor of the traveler is also expressly provided for. The change in price may be due only to changes in the cost of fuel, airport or port fees or taxes or the exchange rate. The variation of the cost must be documented and notified at least 20 days before the beginning of the package.

If the organizer makes significant changes to one or more main features of the tourist services or imposes an increase above the threshold, the traveler can, before the start of the package, accept the change, accept a replacement package (of equal value or higher) or terminate the contract by communicating and obtaining a full refund within 14 days. If the traveler accepts the changes that imply a decrease in the value of the package, he has the right to an adequate price reduction.

The traveler informs the organizer, directly or through the seller (the agency has the obligation to forward the report) promptly, taking into account the circumstances of the case, of any lack of conformity detected during the execution of a tourist service provided by the package tour contract. To this end, the travel contract must contain the contact details of the organizer’s local representative, a contact point or another service that allows the traveler to communicate quickly and effectively with the organizer to request assistance or to lodge a complaint. Furthermore the contract must explicitly mention the fact that the traveler is required to communicate, without delay, any lack of conformity detected during the execution of the package.


The booking request must reach the WILD in the DOLOMITI in the agency or by e-mail. The acceptance of the reservation will be considered valid only if the confirmation will immediately be followed by a deposit of 25% of the total cost. The balance must be received no later than 15 days prior to departure, payment of the deposit and the balance must be contextual. In the event that the deposit or the balance is not received within the agreed term, the WILD in the DOLOMITI may cancel the booking if necessary. All prices include service percentages and VAT. In the event of increases, the fees will be adjusted to the changes. All quotations are in Euro.


Changes to already accepted reservations oblige the Organizer only to the extent that they can be met. In any case, the change request entails the Customer being charged for the higher costs incurred. The reduction of a considerable number of participants within a group will be considered partial cancellation, and is subject to the penalties indicated in art. Withdrawal


The organizer, if after the departure cannot provide an essential part of the services covered by the contract, will arrange alternative solutions, without price supplements, or, if the services provided are of a lower value than those provided, will reimburse the Customer for the difference.


Participants must be in possession of an individual passport or other document valid for all the countries covered by the itinerary as well as residence and transit visas and health certificates that may be required. They must comply with the rules of normal prudence and diligence and with all the information provided by the Organizer, as well as the regulations and administrative or legislative provisions relating to the tourist package. Participants will be held responsible for damages caused by failure to comply with the aforementioned obligations. The Customer is obliged to provide the Organizer with all documents, information and elements in his possession that are useful for the exercise of the right of subrogation towards the third parties responsible for the damage and is responsible to the Organizer for the prejudice caused to the right of subrogation.


The traveler can withdraw from the contract at any time before the start of the tourist package upon reimbursement to the organizer of the incurred, adequate and justifiable expenses.

Penalty of 25% of the total amount at any time prior to departure, 50% of the total amount if the renouncement is within 14 days prior to departure, 70% of the total amount if the renouncement is within 10 days prior to departure, 90 % of the total amount if the renouncement reaches the organizing agency within 7 days prior to departure, 100% of the total amount if the renouncement is after these terms.

In the event of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances (earthquakes, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, pandemic) occurring in the place of destination or in its immediate vicinity and which have a substantial impact on the execution of the package or on the transport of passengers to the destination, the traveler has the right to withdraw from the contract, before the start of the package, without paying any withdrawal fees, and to fully repay the payments made, but is not entitled to further compensation.


To guarantee the exact performance of the activity as established by the L.R. 33/2002, WILD in the DOLOMITI has stipulated a specific R.C. Professional n. 166603804 of the UNIPOLSAI company of Rome.


WILD in the DOLOMITI is registered with the Travel Guarantee Fund Srl ( based in Rome via Nazionale 60 – Certificate n. A / 116.2439 / 2/2019 for the purposes of the provisions of Articles 47 paragraph 3 and 49, Legislative Decree 79/2011 et seq. mm.


The Belluno Court is competent for any dispute and / or controversy.

The itineraries may undergo variations due to technical and operational reasons not foreseeable at the time of programming. Certain visits could be reversed or canceled, as much as possible will be attempted to maintain the programs and services provided.

For technical and organizational reasons, some trips may undergo a date change.

Communication made to the competent tourism authorities. The alleged program is valid until the trip is completed. Article 17 of Law no. 38/2006: the law punishes crimes related to prostitution and child pornography with imprisonment, even if committed abroad.